Silicon Valley Microelectronics – Silicon Wafers

A Brief History of Silicon as a Semiconductor

Silicon was discovered in the early half of the 19th century by Jöns Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist. After its discover, there were no major uses for over 100 years, until the digital revolution. While silicon makes up about 95% of all semiconductors today, germanium (Ge) made up most of the original semiconductors and transistors. After finding that silicon has superior thermal and leakage properties than Ge in 1954 by Texas Instruments, the industry movement began. Fast forward to today, and there are 10.5 billion square inches of silicon wafers shipped around the world each year. These power nearly everything we use on a daily basis from phones to cars. There are also countless unique research purposes that are pushing technological boundaries.

SVM Silicon Wafers

Silicon Valley Microelectronics (SVM) has been selling high grade and factory sealed silicon wafers for more than 27 years. Wafers are available from our stock in every diameter: 50mm76mm100mm150mm200mm300mm, and 450mm, as well as II-V and III-V semiconductor materials. We also have a selection of wafers available in our online inventory.

SVM also provides a wide selection of custom film coatings to fit customer specifications.

SVM maintains a large inventory of Czchrolski (CZ) and float zone (FZ) wafers with low defect, ultra flatand tightly controlled metal specifications, silicon on insulator wafers with custom oxide layers, silicon carbide wafers, high & low resistivity wafers, etc. Understanding that wafer specifications for each semiconductor design are unique, we provide exceptional customer service. Together, our sales team has over 60 years of semiconductor industry experience and they are ready to assist customers in finding the best wafer to fit their requirements.

SVM understands the importance of reliability and ensures long-term, consistent supply of all wafers. For wafers in stock we deliver to customers in the Bay Area same day. For international customers, SVM can guarantee shipping in 3 days.

Silicon Valley Microelectronics guarantees the quality of our products and provides every shipment with a certificate of conformity.